Children & Adolescents

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When is it appropriate to consider therapy for your child?

As a parent myself I empathize with how difficult a decision this can be.  Frustrations linger as mixed compliments continue to be offered about your child from teachers, friends, and families.  These include describing them being energetic or strong-willed.  Rule number one as a parent is that we never want to shame our children for simply being who they are regardless of the emotional fallout.

I work to provide a safe and non judgmental relationship with children and their families in these most difficult of times.  With the child I strive to understand their perceptions of their world in order to first identify their strengths, and secondly work to support them with positive coping skills.  With parents I will work to help you process the ever changing relationships you are experiencing with your child in order to support you with mindful based parenting techniques.

Therapy with Adolescents…

Therapy with adolescents is so often marked with conflict.  In one form, directly with parents where any communication leads directly to an argument.  Anything can and will be used against you, and less is more, becomes the mantra in order to avoid drawn out battles.  In a second form, communication has slowed to a stand still.  Everyone senses something is not right, but direct attempts to engage your teens is so frustratingly limited, it feels inevitable that a crash is imminent.

My work with teens involves connecting with them in order to help identify ongoing frustrations.  This will allow them navigate through what is without a doubt, the most complex period of their young lives.  Frustrations can often include emotional volatility, self esteem issues, academic pressures, and peer relations.  I also work with parents in order to help remind them of the mounting stress that is involved during this period and work to replace frustration with empathy in order for you to continue to provide love and support to your teenage child.

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