lonely cloudsParenting Support…

I provide emotional support and mindful based parenting strategies to families who have either experienced, or are en route to experiencing a child disrupting from their home.  These families are in crisis and often feel desperate to put their houses back in order without knowing where to start.  I work to help identify ongoing family patterns of behavior that have contributed to the high levels of frustration that the family is currently experiencing.  I also work to help parents forgive themselves for not being “perfect” parents in the face of an extremely emotionally volatile, parent-child relationship.

Academic Advisement…

My experience working with children and families, both as a family counselor, as well as a former Special Education School Social Worker, allows me to act in the role of an Academic Advisor for my clients.  I advise and advocate for families of children wishing to initiate  or make changes to their child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP) through their school district’s ARD process (Admission, Review and Dismissal Committee).

I also have extensive experience identifying and referring children to alternative schools options.  These include both academic and therapeutic based programs that will better address their child’s identified needs.

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